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Danish Institute of
Agricultural Sciences
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Staff project list

Merete T. Albrechtsen

Project manager

Functional genomics


As a spin off from our studies of virus resistance we are using Virus Induced Gene Silencing (VIGS) and other RNA silencing based techniques for turning off expression of endogenous plant genes. These techniques create functional 'gene knock-outs' and are powerful tools for studying the function of plant genes.

Virus Induced Gene Silencing (VIGS)

RNAse L inhibitor homologues

Specificity of silencing

Genetically engineered virus resistance


Most cases of genetically engineered virus resistance involve an RNA-degradation mechanism (post-transcriptional gene silencing, PTGS) triggered by a virus-derived transgene. This mechanism can give very efficient virus resistance without any negative side effects on the plants. However recent findings have raised the possibility, that this kind of resistance may be compromised if plants are infected with viruses different from the one targeted by the resistance. We are adressing these questions in crop plants (potato, Solanum tuberosum) as well as in model plants such as tobacco.