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Nursery Stock

Research Centre Aarslev
Kirstinebjergvej 10
DK-5792 Aarslev

Head of research unit:  Lillie Andersen
tel: +45 89 99 32 85
fax: +45 89 99 34 96


Nursery Stock

Research areas
The research areas are divided into four main areas:

Each main area is divided into a number of disciplines.

Production systems and plant vitality

Seed biology and seed quality, dormancy and germination

Dendrology & phenology

Selection and development of nuclear stock plants

Subjects, which the research group plan to work with, is sufficient finances can be found

  • Product development.
  • Biological criteria for timing of plant lifting, storing in cold room and replanting.
  • Investigation of pollination and incompatibility within species.
  • Chemical and electorphoretic methods for a possible distinction of seed sources.
  • Ecological and integrated plant production.
  • Resistance to diceases in trees.
  • Growth of biological active growth medias.
  • Testing of herbaceous perennials.

Plant breeding

Working fields
Research and product development concerning plant breeding and propagation of horticultural and agricultural plants.

Research areas
The research areas are divided into three main areas:

Each main area is divided into general and special disciplines. The particular projects may include aspects from various special disciplines, possibly from all main areas. Therefore all scientists co-operate with scientists involved in other disciplines, departments or institutions. Commercial research and development is attended to by most of the scientists and is as far as possible integrated in the other research work, thus optimizing the benefit of both areas.

Research related to plant breeding
General disciplines:

Special disciplines:

  • Hybridization, including the use of in vitro techniques.
  • Genetically determinated resistance to plant diseases.
  • Methods for selection for better keeping quality.
  • Cromosome enlargement.
  • Storage of plant breeding.
  • Segregation of chimeras.

Molecular biological research
General disciplines:

Special disciplines:

  • Molecular cloning (DNA-workshop).
  • Growing and transforming of eubacteria.
  • Characterization of RNA and DNA.
  • Detection of marking genes at PCR.
  • Differential display / PAPD.
  • Production and screening of libraries.

Research related to plant propagation
General disciplines:

Special disciplines:

  • Somatic embryogenesis.
  • Adventive shoot formation.
  • Topophysis.
  • Staring material.
  • Acclimatization.
  • Propagation physiology.

Research in plant propagation and biotechnology
In the discipline oriented plant propagation physiology, tissue propagation of vegetative propagated plants and in development of regeneration systems we work with the understanding of the basic propagation physiology mechanisms and exploitation of this knowledge for development of new methods for propagation and regeneration.

Research in plant breeding
In the discipline oriented physiologic and genetic research and development in relation to breeding we try to obtain understanding of the basic genetical mechanisms, which are relevant for development of plants with improved characteristics and make this knowledge at the disposal of breeders and others who work with plant development.
Furthermore we will develop new or improved methods to prevent or control root diseases in vegetables and other plant species.