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Healthy food for youngsters

Scientists from the Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences are taking part in a project to develop healthy foods that appeal to children and teenagers.

The incidence of obesity, diabetes and other lifestyle diseases is rising sharply. In order to reverse this trend, scientists from DIAS and other institutes have initiated a project that aims at developing healthy foods that children between the ages of 9 and 14 will find appetizing.

To increase children’s intake of healthy foods it is crucial that the products developed match their preferences and fulfil their needs in their spheres of activity.

In other words, children have to like the products; otherwise they will not eat them.

The project involves six industries, four trade organisations, and scientists with expertise in natural, consumer and health sciences, who will be collaborating within the following areas:

·Development of healthier foods by a gradual change in the nutrition and sensory appeal of food products

·Generation of knowledge about the food preferences of young people and its implementation in product development

·Development of a new communication strategy

·Determination of the effect of a healthier food intake on the diet and physical activity level of children.

In addition to the Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences, the project involves KVL, MAPP, Vejle Hospital, and trades and industries involved in milk, juice, vegetable and bread production.

The project entitled “Step-by-step change of children’s preferences towards healthier foods” has just received eight million Danish kroner from the Programme Commission on Food and Health under the Danish Council for Strategic Research.

For further information please contact:

Head of research unit Anette K. Thybo, Department of Food Science, Research Centre Aarslev, telephone: +45 8999 3405, e-mail: [email protected]

Thursday 21 December 2006 | Communication Unit