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Current Ph.D. students


Department of Agricultural Engineering

Frank W. Oudshoorn
The contribution of innovative technology to sustainable development of organic dairy production in Denmark and in the Netherlands, with the automatic milking system as a case.

Tavs Nyord
Development of injection equipment for landspreading of mechanically separated slurry and nutrient rich liquid, produced in a high technology slurry separation plant (biofertilizers), with the special addition to minimize the ammonia loss by landspreading

Maibritt Hjorth
Development of techniques for the separation of plant nutrients of manure

Anders Michael Nielsen
Monitorering og optimering af bioforgasning af husdyrgødning og energiafgrøder

Ana Sambra
Agricultural Biomass Supply Chain Management

Johanne Lindstrøm
Information feasibility and rational agency as the basis for ICT design in multi-purpose, multi-agent networks

Department of Agroecology and Environment

Marie Trydeman Knudsen
Environmental assessment of selected imported organic agricultural products

Seyed Hamid Ahmadi
Study of soil water dynamics under partial root drying (PRD) irrigation for developing water saving irrigation strategies

Panneer Peramaiyan
Regional food security after large-scale conversion to organic agriculture

Ngonidzashe Chirinda
Influence of cropping systems on greenhouse gas emissions

Daniel Karlsson
Soil moist dynamics (HOBE)

James Mutegi
Effects of tillage, catch crops and drop rotations on soil carbon sequestration and nitrous oxide emission

Anders Lindblad Vendelboe
Mobilization, transport and straining of soil colloidal particles as influences by soil architecture

Florence Bedoin
Development of grassland based multifunctional beef production systems (chains)

Michal Adam Brozyna
Nitrogen cycling and losses in cropping systems with biogas energy production

Maria Knadel
Sensor-based mapping of carbon stocks in organic soils in Denmark

Marie Eden
Understanding and quantifying the spatial and temporal dynamics in structural stabilization and the characteristics of soil pore space

Rikke Hansen
Microbial methane oxidation in slurry stores: Ecology and impact on agricultural greenhouse gas emissions

Siri Pugesgaard
Sustainable landuse - bioenergy production

Ravi Patil
Impact & Adoptions in Cropping Systems to Climate Change

Vivi Mørkøre Thorup
Application of biomechanical methods to analyse the locomotion of swine on different floors

Kirstine Flintholm Jørgensen
The importance of nutritional factors and the physiological background for the development of liver abscesses in veal calves and young bulls- perspectives for organic beef production

Karoline Blaabjerg
Degradation of inositol phosphates in the gastrointestinal tract of pigs

Lone Abildgaard
Impact of nutrition on the occurrence and alpha-toxin production of Clostridium perfringens in broiler chickens evaluated by molecular methods

Tina Skau Nielsen
The biological activity of phytoestrogens in organic and conventional milk

Jehan Frans Ettema
Economics of diseases causing dairy cattle lameness at herd level

Sine Nygaard Langerhuus
Ernæringens indflydelse på immunfunktionen i en grisemodel for postoperativ karproteseinfektion

Asger Nissen
The influence of colostrum on calf inflammatory response towards gram positive and gram negative bacteria

Justyna Gorzecka
Quantifying risk factors for reproduction in dairy cattle

Lone Hymøller
Vitamin D Status and Supply in Organic Dairy Cows

Liat Romme Thomsen
Feeding behaviour of socially housed, growing animals

Anders Bjerring Strathe
Stochashastic growth and composition models

Kristina Ulrich Sørensen
Bone dynamics and function in livestock

Mogens Larsen
Small intestinal starch digestion in relation to nutrient metabolism in dairy cows

Linda Rosager Duve
The social needs of calves – how are they best provided for in dairy production?

Betina Amdisen Røjen
Efficient nitrogen utilization in lactating dairy cattle - nitrogen metabolism and urea recycling

Adam Christian Storm
Implementing rumen sensors and dynamic modeling in feed evaluation systems for dairy cows

Department of Food science

Ann Louise Jørgensen
Direct-Affinity Reverse Extraction (DARE) screening for bioactive food-derived peptides

Simon Metz Pedersen
A nutrigenomic approach in the elucidation of basic molecular mechanisms for the action of probiotic bacteria - An NMR-metabolomic study of biofluids and tissues.

Søren Bang Nielsen
Quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation analysis of interactions between specific milk

Morten Rahr Clausen
Mechanisms of selenium-mediated antioxidant effects in bovine milk and dairy products

Kathrine Bisgaard Christensen
Characterization of anti-diabetic compounds from selected medicinal plants

Ida Krestine Straadt
Cellular stress and metabolic responses to ante- and post mortem stress factors elucidated in primary porcine muscle cell cultures using confocal microscopy and NMR-based metabolic profiling

Sidsel Bennedbæk-Jensen
Mechanisms of off-flavour development in bread with extended shelf-life

Heidi Kildegaard
Step-by-step change of children’s preferences towards healthier foods

Heidi Najbjerg
In vitro studies on metabonomic responses to fatty acids

Jonatan Ahrens Dickow
LSI pasteurisation of milk and effect on microbiology, cheese maturation and protein denaturation

Sandie Mejer Møller
Integrated characterisation of food products quality and microbiological safety

Pernille Frederiksen
Cheesemaking properties – effect of milk yield and temperature treatment prior to cheese making

Department of Genetics and Biotechnology

Louise Pedersen
Implementation of QTL-information in the cattle breeding plan

Trine Villumsen
Marker integrated genetic evaluation

Mohammad Mahdi Shariati
Estimation and prediction in reaction norm model

Kamilla Pedersen
Heat shock proteins and their relation to environmental and genetic stress

João Fadista
Characterization of structural genetic variation

Juan Li
Establishment of cell lines form transgenic porcine embryos for in vitro studies of Alzheimer’s disease

Gabriel Abreu
Statistical tools for analyzing functional genomic data

Helene Seefeldt
The accumulation of ß-(1-3)(1-4)-D-glucan during grain filling in barley studied by novel spectroscopic methods

Hanne Crolly
Udnytttelse af konkurrenceresulater til avlsværdivurdering af sportsheste

Claus Hedegaard
Transgenic Porcine Models for Human Neurodegenerative Disorders Focusing on Parkinson’s Disease

Katrin Geisler
Biosynthesis of avenacins - secondary metabolites with antifungal activity

Li Jiang
Inference of Causative Genes Involved in Bovine Mastitis Resistance

Ye Yang
Genetic control of environment variation

Hanne Skovsgaard
Vurdering af embryokvalitet efter stresspåvirkninger

Birgitte Tauris
Loading of zinc into the develop barley grain

Lise Christina Deleuran

Malene Dinesen
Virus induceret gen silencing

Masoud Naderpour
AP/Resistens mod WCMV. Generation markers for bc-resistance genes against Bean common mosaic virus and Bean common mosaic necrosis virus in Phaseolus vulgaris

Lars Peter Sørensen
Prediction breeding values for pathogen-specific mastitis resistance in dairy cattle

Johanna Höglund
DNA based selection for functional traits in dairy cattle

Alice Juul Pedersen
Identification and analysis of genes with effect on the vernalization requirement in timothy (Phleum Pratense L.)

Department of Horticulture

Anders Pedersen
Optimization of nitrogen utilization in organic vegetable crop production

Majken Pagter
Stress tolerance and hardiness of woody plants

Nauja L. Jensen
Effects of partial root zone drying (PRD) irrigation on fruit yield and quality

Eline Kirk Mørk
Disease resistance in ornamental plants. Transformation of Aster with mildew resistance genes

Department of Integrated Pest Management

Mette Markussen
Expression of genes related to anticoagulant rodenticide resistance in Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus)