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The importance of floor quality and design on the health and welfare of pigs



Agricultural technician:  John Misa Obidah



Agricultural Engineering
Genetics and Biotechnology
National Committee for Pig Production
Perstrup Beton Industri A/S
SundsAlfa Betonvarefabrik A/S
Durofarm-Faaborg A/S
Ikadan System A/S


The aims are to document and determine physical, thermal, and biological requirements to floor quality and floor construction relevant for the health, comfort, behaviour, and pen use of pigs, as well as for the hygiene and environmental aspects.Further, to develop methods for evaluating floors for pigs based on the above mentioned requirements.

The project is divided into four sub-projects, each dependent on the results of the preceding sub-project:

  1. Development of equipment and methods for evaluating the physical, thermal, and environmental characteristics of the floor construction, such as softness, skidding resistance, elasticity, thermal conductivity, water and dirt absorption, and durability, and the environmental impact of the floors in the form of ammonia evaporation.
  2. Model experiments of the biological function of floors with different physical and thermal characteristics, in order to compare the technical measurements developed in sub-project 1 with the biological function under different conditions, through:
    • development of automatic image analysis for locomotory assessment (part 2a)
    • investigation of the effects of different levels of friction on locomotion and skidding (part 2b)
    • investigation of the effects of different degrees of floor softness and elasticity on pig behaviour and resting comfort (part 2c)
  3. Studies concerning the long-term effects of different floor types and floor constructions on the comfort of pigs, their pen use and behaviour, as well as on production, health, pen hygiene and ammonia evaporation.
  4. Comparison of animal health, welfare, productivity, ammonia evaporation, and durability of fundamentally different floor types under practical management conditions in different herds with different age groups and categories of pigs.

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