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Project home pages

Scientists at the faculty of Agricultural Sciences have prepared a number of home pages on actual research projects:


www.energysymposium.agrproject.dk - Intelligent use of Energy in Greenhouses - workshop

www.impact.agrproject.dk/ - Impacts and adaptation to climate change in cropping systems

www.biozinc.agrproject.dk - Zinc speciation in milk and the effect of milk source on zinc bioavailability in piglets

www.stressbiology.agrproject.dk - Trends in Stress Biology

www.sociallearning.agrproject.dk - Fear and social transmission of learned responses

www.coolcrop.agrproject.dk - The CoolCrop project

www.nordicisae2009.agrproject.dk - Nordic region of the ISAE 2009

www.kolostrum.agrproject.dk - Kolostrum

www.ecoex.agrproject.dk/ - Ecosystem exchange of greenhouse gasses in Danish organic soils

http://fishgen.agrsci.dk - Breeding rainbow trout for resistance to disease

http://www.agrsci.dk/cellstress/index.html - Cellular stress and metabolic responses to ante- and post-mortem stress factors elucidated in primary porcine muscle cell cultures using confocal microscopy and NMR-based metabolic profiling

www.agrsci.dk/metabonomics/index.htm - NMR-based metabonomics in tissues and biofluids

Last updated: Friday 19 December 2008