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Farrowing and nursing sows - loose housing and improved animal welfare



Senior scientist:  Lene Juul Pedersen



Genetics and Biotechnology
Agricultural Engineering
National Committee for Pig Production
Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen


In order to improve animal welfare while at the same time taking into consideration the profitability of sow herds, the main objective of the project is to describe improved housing designs and management routines for untethered nursing sows. In order to achieve this objective, the following partial aims have been drawn up:

A.To give more consideration to the needs of untethered sows for nest building during farrowing

B.To improve the possibilities of thermoregulation in sows and piglets

C.To describe various physical appliances that may prevent overlying of piglets while at the same time allowing the sow to move freely

D.To modify existing and necessary management routines in order for them to be used in loose housing systems

E.To develop methods for replacement of sows with high-risk behaviour

F.To describe the incidence of piglet mortality in untethered sows in production herds

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