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Department of Horticulture

Research Centre Aarslev
Kirstinebjergvej 10
DK-5792 Aarslev
tel:+45  8999 1900
fax:+45  8999 3490
[email protected]

Research Centre Aarslev

Research director:  Ole Callesen


Fruit, Vegetables and Food Science
Research generates new knowledge concerning the production and quality of fruits, vegetables and other vegetable foodstuffs. The department develops and optimizes cultivation systems for field production of fruits and vegetables as well as in greenhouses, in addition to carrying out investigations into industrial processing in order to improve the sensory and nutritional quality of the products. Research includes cultivation techniques, cultivation value, flowering and growth physiology, raw material quality, storage, product development, formulation of methods for analyses, and process technology.
The research in ornamental plants is focused on new high quality products and production that are rational in terms of environmental protection as well as costs.

The culture oriented research activities comprise pot plants and cut flowers as well as nursery stock plants and involves disciplines such as seed physiology, vegetative propagation, development, flowering physiology, stress and post harvest physiology, and quality and vitality testing.

Plant breeding programs employ tissue physiology, gene technology and micropropagation. New production systems for field and greenhouse production are developed and tested.