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Niels Erik Andersson

Senior scientist

Department of Horticulture
Research Centre Aarslev
Kirstinebjergvej 10,
Postbox 102
DK-5792 Aarslev

[email protected]


Key words:
Greenhouse climate, climate control, energy consumption in greenhouses, measuring methods of environmental parameters

Research interests:
My research is focused on greenhouse climate and the influence of technical equipment on the plant production. I am especially interested in the correlation between climate parameters and energy consumption. In greenhouses air temperature, air humidity, light and CO2 concentration are affected, but the parameters are connected with each other and this fact should be considered in the climatic control strategy. Greenhouses have high energy consumption, but they are also solar collectors. A future vision is the energy-producing greenhouse with extraction and storage of energy from the greenhouse for reuse purpose for heating.