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Sensor and robot technology


Research in sensing, control and operation with application to dynamical systems that interact with natural and biological objects. To support development, control, design, management and analyses of agricultural solutions there is a fundamental need to collect data that characterize the technological or biological process. An efficient automation of these activities and the ability to use data for control of the process will have a direct influence on the development of precision agriculture.

Current Projects

  • Robotic Weeding
  • Autonomous spatial-temporal crop and soil surveying (ACROSS)
  • Adaptive route planning (Post Doc)
  • Evaluation of innovative agricultural production systems through a life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology
  • Network- and ResearchSchool activities in the research programme Sustainable technology in agriculture
  • Agrobotics: A Software Framework for Agricultural Robotic Systems
  • Implement computers


Rasmus Jørgensen, Postdoc
Claus Aage Grøn Sørensen, Senior scientist
Hans Jørgen Olsen, Senior scientist
Ivar Lund, Scientist
Lars Aalkjær Jensen, research assistant
Michael Nørremark, research assistant
Esmaeil Nadimi, PhD student
Frank Oudshoorn, PhD student