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Automation and System Engineering

Schüttesvej 17
DK-8700 Horsens

Research director:  Svend Christensen
tel: +45 89991900
fax: +45 89993100


We are developing automation and systems technology for dynamical systems that interact with natural and biological objects. Research that will benefit the development of technology and production systems that reduce the environmental impact, increase precision and efficiency, and allow care and management of crops and animals in new ways. Of particular interest are robotics, sensor systems, implement technology, operational management, and decentralized production systems for organic farming.

Further information on the group activities and current projects can be found on the following pages:

In addition to our direct research activities, we also provide access to laboratory and test facilities on a commercial basis:

  • Spreading technical laboratory
  • Test and certification of overhead protective structure
  • Test of automatic guidance systems
  • Biofuel laboratory