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The seven research departments at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences consist of:

Genetics and Biotechnologyresearches the underlying genetic and physiological background for traits in plants and animals.
Horticulture generates new knowledge concerning the production and quality of fruits, vegetables and other vegetable foodstuffs.
Animal Health, Welfare and Nutrition research themes comprise feed composition and quality, animal nutrition, digestion and metabolism of nutrients, growth and lactation physiology, reproduction, immunology, disease mechanisms, bio-markers, disease prevention, animal behaviour and adaptability, stress biology, production and health management including animal production and health economy.
Agroecology and Environment works with agroecology and production management addressed to the advisory service and primary producer. Furthermore, analyses on a farm-, regional and national level addressed to the authorities are made.

Agricultural Engineering research and develop techniques for agriculture with focus on high technology.

Integrated Pest Management contribute to efficient and enviromentally acceptable prevention and control of pests in crop production, animal husbandry, and food precessing, in structures, in private homes and in society in general.

Food Science develop tools and concepts which can be used to control the production and handling of raw materials in such a way that they fulfil the demands by consumers and the food processing industry, nationally as well as internationally. Moreover, these tools and concepts must form the basis of presentation of knowledge to the highest level within the area.

Service departments consist of:

Faculty Secretariat manage the secretariat function of the Board of Directors in relation til administrative, professional and information issues. It also provides facilities and services for the research departments, including the internal and external communication of the research activities at DJF.

Research Facilities offer modern facilities and well-trained staff for carrying out animal and field studies.