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Lise Dybkjśr

Senior scientist

Department of Animal Health, Welfare and Nutrition
Research Centre Foulum
Blichers Allť
Postbox 50
DK-8830 Tjele

Tel: 89991306

[email protected]


I am a scientist in applied ethology, working with the behaviour of pigs (especially suckling piglets, weaned piglets and slaughter pigs) with special emphasis on the associations between behaviour and health.

My research interests include:†

  • Eating and drinking behaviour before and after weaning: development and stimulation, and the effects on weight gain and health
  • The softness of the floor in the lying area: effects on the behaviour and use of the pen
  • CO2 anaesthetization of slaughter pigs: test of behavioural reactions to CO2 and other gases†
  • Behavioural indicators of disease and pain: identification and application
  • Transport of pigs

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