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Muscle Biology and Meat Science

Blichers Allé
P.O. Box 50
DK-8830 Tjele

Head of research unit:  Bo Ekstrand
tel: +45 89 99 12 76
fax: +45 89 99 15 64


The research in this group comprises basic understanding of physiological processes in muscles before, during and after slaughter in relation to quality of meat and meat products, and how they are affected by production and process technological parameters. Furthermore, basic studies of the significance of chemical and physical processes for changes in the raw material and the physical quality of the product and the effect on quality of variable conditions during production and process. Activities regarding development and up-grading of methods for characterisation/determination of slaughter and meat quality take place.

Main focus areas are:

  • Muscle, muscle cell growth and muscle protein turnover in relation to meat quality development and meat quality
  • Studies of the energy metabolism with regard to control of pH development, water-binding capacity, colour development and texture of meat
  • Water distribution processes in the muscle during its conversion to meat as a function of treatment and status of the animal prior to slaughter
  • Characterisation of selected proteins and genes with influence on the production as well as the quality characteristics of meat with the ultimate aim to use these markers for prediction and grading of the quality and the process technological properties of fresh meat
  • Characterisation of meat and implementation and development of new methods for definition of meat and meat qualities together with high quality meat production.

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