Fodder grasses and maize

Plant Breeding and Applied Genomics

Development and implementation of genetic approaches and tools, especially molecular markers, to support plant breeding of high quality crops with high yield potential

Current focus
-Species: Lolium perenne and other forage grasses, Zea mays, Horticultural crops
-Traits: Forage and feed quality, flowering / vernalization, resistance, heterosis
-Techniques: SSR / SNP development and application (MegaBACE 1000), AFLPs, In situ hybridisation, Immuno localization, Histology, Expression profiling, Sequencing, NIRS
- Approaches: QTL mapping, Pedigree analysis, Diversity analysis, Fingerprinting, Association studies, Expression profiling

Our major interest is the understanding of allelic variation both at the sequence and phenotypic level in order to develop and apply ”functional” DNA markers optimal for prediction of trait perfomance


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Last updated: Wednesday 08 October 2008