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Department of Genetics and Biotechnology

Research Centre Foulum
Postbox 50
DK-8830 Tjele
tel:+45  8999 1301
fax:+45  8999 1300
[email protected]

Research Centre Foulum

Research director:  Ian Max Møller


The department investigates the underlying genetic and physiological background for traits in animals and plants, and it develops and implements new methods and strategies in farm animal breeding and plant improvement. In the institute is developed and implemented new molecular methods in the seach for effects of environmental parameters and stressors on production, health, fertility and product quality in farm animal and plant production. The department furthermore investigates and implements new methods within statistical genetics, biostatistics and bioinformatics.

The department uses its basic competences within molecular genetics, nanotechnology, statistics, population genetics and transformation technology between animals and plants as well as ascertains that this knowledge can be used in breeding and improvement programmes as well as in general production systems in plants and animals.

The department coordinates the national efforts to protect genetic resources in Danish farm animals.

The department’s knowledge is furthermore used within general agricultural research together with an advisory function to the authorities as well as within general biology and research in human medicine.

Last updated: Thursday 26 February 2009