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Department of Agroecology and Environment

Blichers Allé
Postbox 50
DK-8830 Tjele
tel:+45  8999 1800
fax:+45  8999 1200
[email protected]

Research Centre Foulum

Head of department:  Erik Steen Kristensen


The department has approx.120 co-workers and 5400 m2 facilities in terms of laboratories and other research facilities. Research at the department is both process-oriented directed at more basic issues, system-oriented, and also of a more developmental nature. An important issue is the ability to generalise the validity of results from experimental research via dynamic simulation models. Models are also developed as tools for decision support systems at farm level and national level. The various research disciplines/areas of expertise can be grouped into the following three core research areas. 1) Soil function and quality; 2) Crops, production systems and decision support at farm level; 3) Catchment areas, regional analyses and decision support at national level.

The department is responsible for research-based advice to the authorities within the following areas “Environment and Bioenergy”, “Climate and Natural Resources” and “Organic Farming”.

The department will over the next few years contribute actively to the development of new BSc, MSc and PhD degrees at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, In particular the new MSc degree in AgroEnvironmental Management.

Last updated: Thursday 25 September 2008