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Smart farm teknologi

The objective is to establish the foundation for developing new technical solutions in a agricultural environment, characterized by complexity in the requirements and working conditions. The functionality of new technology is analyzed using physical methods and by documentation of the influence on crop, animals, soil, environment and energy. Typical working areas include weed control, reduced tillage, and post-harvest technology.

Current Projects

  • Technology for organic farming
  • Thermal band treatment for weed control
  • Reduced tillage
  • Drum drying/treatment of organic and conventional crops
  • Development of GPS and vision guided weed control


Krister Persson, Senior scientist
Erik Fløjgaard Kristensen , Scientist
Hans Skovsgaard , Agricultural research technician
Jens Kristian Kristensen , Agricultural research technician
Henrik Mortensen , Agricultural research technician

Last updated: Wednesday 15 November 2006