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Theses topics

For further information, please contact the person referred to. If you already have a thesis topic, you are also welcome to contact us to discuss your idea.


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Poultry (chickens, Muscovy ducks): feather pecking, cannibalism, nest choice, dominance order, fear, social behaviour, activity, environment enrichment
Contact: Anja Brinch Riber

Feeding behaviour, social stress, activity rhythms, behavioural consequences of genetic selection e.g. too fast growth
Contact: Birte L. Nielsen

Horses: housing and management, social behaviour, feeding, breeding, temperament
Contact: Eva Søndergaard

Horses: fear, temperament, social behaviour, domestication
Poultry (broilers, ostrich): activity, environmental enrichment
Contact: Janne Winther Christensen

Fear, brain-behaviour-hormone interactions, behaviour and physiology linked with young mortality (mink/pig), stress and ontogeny
Contact: Jens Malmkvist

Pigs: tail biting, individual differences, maternal behaviour, nursing and suckling
Poultry: hens, guinea fowl, feather pecking
Contact: Karen Thodberg

Pigs: feeding- and drinking behaviour, behaviour related to early weaning, lying behaviour and use of the pen, behaviour associated with pain and disease, anaesthesia of slaughter pig
Contact: Lise Dybkjær

Pigs: maternal behaviour, early piglet mortality, reproductive behaviour, social behaviour, aggression, stress
Contact: Lene Juul Pedersen

Cattle behaviour, consequences of high milk yield, learning, time budgets and diurnal rhythm, stress sensitivity and stress physiology
Contact: Lene Munksgaard

Behavioural needs, foraging and feeding behaviour, social behaviour
Contact: Margit Bak Jensen

Stress responses, nociception, pain and their measurement with focus on behaviour, disease, animal transportation, culled animals
Contact: Mette S. Herskin

Mink: cage environment, group housing, behavioural traits, activity rhythms, stress, feeding behaviour
Contact: Steffen W. Hansen

Biomechanical gait analysis in swine and cattle
Contact: Vivi Mørkøre Thorup