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Crop Ecology and Product Quality

Research Centre Flakkebjerg
DK 4200 Slagelse

Head of research unit:  Birte Boelt
tel: +45 8999 3500
fax: +45 8999 3501


The objective of the research group Crop Ecology and Product Quality is to obtain new knowledge on crop development, quantification and utilisation of quality parameters in cereals for human and animal consumption. The group focuses on the optimisation of cultivation techniques and crop growth monitoring to enhance yield and product quality in herbage and vegetable seed production with respect to environmental restrictions and economically feasible production conditions.

In recognition of the fact that production factors (soil fertility, climate, etc.) are diverse, methods of monitoring crop growth and status are developed with the objective to optimise cultivation techniques in accordance with the status of the crop - both in conventional and organic crop production systems.

Research focuses on exploring the possibilities of implementing NIRS and other rapid analytical methods in order to identify and quantify the content of quality parameters as well as unwanted substances in crops of grasses and cereals. The overall perspective is to improve the understanding of plants/crop biological reactions in order to target cultivation techniques and in this way optimise the robustness of the crop and in addition to improve the value of the crop.

The target groups are growers, innovative enterprises, local and national authorities and the Danish and European society.