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Variety Testing

Danmarks Jordbrugsforskning
Teglværksvej 10
DK-4230 Skælskør

tel:+45  +45 5816 0600
fax:+45  +45 5816 0606
[email protected]

Head of department:  Gerhard Deneken


The department is responsible for the technical aspects of projects concerning the statutory variety testing of agricultural crops, lawn grasses and horticultural plants. Testing is carried out in accordance with the conditions and agreements necessary for acceptance to the official variety listings and to enable the protection of new plant varieties.

Information regarding the Danish National List and Plant Breeders Rights
Information on origin, breeder, maintainer, owner and Danish agent can be obtained in the following categories:

Varieties on the Danish National List
Varieties in testing for the Danish National List
Varieties protected by Plant Breeders' Rights
Varieties in testing for Protection

The information is generated from the Variety Database that is in use on Department of Variety Testing, Tystofte and can be accessed at www.planteinfo.dk/sdb