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DevelopmentCenter Aarslev

Research Centre Aarslev
Kirstinebjergvej 10
DK-5792 Aarslev

Head of research centre:  John Juul Henriksen
tel: +45 63 90 42 41
fax: +45 63 90 43 90


DevelopmentCenter Aarslev is a regional network for the horticultural industry on Funen. It comprises participants from horticultural, commercial and educational institutions focus on promoting the Danish horticultural industry nationally and internationally. The eight research projects of the DevelopmentCenter are related to two main topics: Food for Health and Greenhouse Technology. The DevelopmentCenter was established as a two-years project (2002-2004) that in practice functions as a network of research, development and advising. The assignments are co-ordinated and administered by a secretariat placed at The Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences. in Aarslev.

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