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Plant Food Science

Kirstinebjergvej 10,
P.O. Box 102
DK5792 Aarslev

Senior scientist:  Lars Porskjær Christensen
tel: +45 63 90 43 43
fax: +45 63 90 43 95


The quality of fresh and processed vegetable foods and natural product chemistry in relation to general aspects of the cultivation and quality of plants are studied. The quality of fruit, vegetables, potatoes and cereals as well as juice, fried, boiled and baked products is a main area. We investigate the quality of raw materials, effects and improvements of storage and processing methods, texture, health-beneficial compounds and flavour and flavour additives, sensory and physiological/biochemical background of quality characteristics. Expertise within isolation, identification and analysis of natural products in plants used in relation to quality of foods, health, plant protection, contact allergy, plant medicin and natural dyes are edified. New and improved products and methods of production in cooperation with trade, industry and other research institutions at home and abroad.

The main focus areas are:

  • To elucidate the correlation between sensory and chemical composition of vegetable raw materials
  • To explain the relation between sensory quality and chemical composition of vegetable raw materials
  • To explain the significance of the quality of the raw material on the effect of storage and processing methods on texture, colour, flavour and flavour additives and health-beneficial compounds
  • To obtain knowledge of correlations between raw materials properties and the quality of the processed product and to use this knowledge to improve the product quality and/or the production process
  • To obtain an understanding of the factors determining the quality of fresh products and use it to improve product quality
  • To obtain the understanding of the natural products of significance for the health-beneficial effects of fruit, vegetables, cereals and potatoes
  • Identification and purification of potential bioactive compounds in plant material