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Milk and Egg Science

Postboks 50, 8830 Tjele

Research director:  Jacob Holm Nielsen
tel: 8999 1163
fax: 8999 1564


The aim of the research is to increase the understanding of how milk and egg quality can be controlled via production conditions and handling and modification of raw materials. Special focus is on the significance of oxidation, lipolysis and proteolysis in relation to flavour, functional characteristics and shelf-life.

Main focus areas are:

  • Elucidate the significance of the raw material and the process conditions for the functional characteristics of dried albumen powder
  • Explain the interaction between oxidation, proteolysis and lipolysis in milk
  • Explain correlation between feeding, milking and stability of the fat globule in milk
  • Demonstrate correlations between the antioxidative potential of the raw material and the shelf-life and quality of the derived products
  • Identification and characterisation of relevant mechanisms in oxidation of proteins and protein oxidation products in milk, egg and derived products
  • Elucidate the significance of cell count for sensory and technological quality of milk
  • Elucidate the significance of specific conditions of production and storage on flavour development and flavour in milk
  • Continuously to implement and develop new methods to demonstrate and quantify chemical and physical changes in milk and egg