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Jacob Holm Nielsen

Research director

Food science
Research Centre Foulum
Blichers Allé
Postbox 50
DK-8830 Tjele

Tel: 89991163
Fax: 89991564

[email protected]


My research is concentrated on describing oxidative changes in foods in relation to shelf-life, aroma and functionality. It includes investigations of lipid oxidation and anti-oxidative capacity of milk, meat and eggs as well as fundamental reaction kinetic studies of oxidative processes. Further, I contribute to a continous development and implementation of new analytical methods.
Oxidative changes and anti-oxidative capacity are determined by a number of analytical methods such as TBARS (thiobarbiture reactive substances), POV (peroxide number), conjugating dienes, headspace analyses, measurement of oxygen consumption, Total Oxygen Scavenger Capacity Assay (TOSCA) and content of anti-oxidants (uric acid, ascorbic acid).
The results of these investigations are related to changes of functional characteristics and flavour. Moreover, model experiments are used to illustrate the mechanisms responsible for given oxidative changes.
A great part of my research is focused on investigating the significance of metal cheleted proteins (e.g. lactoferrin and phosvitine) for milk and eggs and investigating whether release of transitional metal ions from these proteins influences propagation of oxidative processes. In the supporting model studies focus is mainly on the interaction between the protein and ascorbic acid or citrate.
Initial oxidative changes in milk and identification of markers for early oxidative changes are also being investigated.