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J°rgen Christiansen

Head of research unit

Agroecology and Environment
Research Centre Foulum
Blichers AllÚ
Postbox 50
DK-8830 Tjele

Tel: 89991841

[email protected]


The Research Group of Potatoes and Plant Biotechnology (KarBio) was established in 1998. Within the area of potatoes, KarBio is involved in research projects aimed at improving tools for the management of potato quality and production in integrated as well as organic potato production systems. Research activities within plant biotechnology were started in 1998 and encompass plant molecular investigations in relation to digestibility of rye grass, drought resistance and nitrogen use efficiency of rape seed, as well as the use of DNA-markers in breeding of new potato cultivars.
Apart of being head of the KarBio research unit, I am also coordinator of potato research activities at DIAS. A complete list of potato research projects at DIAS can be found on the website of Kartoffel-Info.
My primary research area is potatoes, more specifically, investigations aimed at improving the tools for quality and production management in seed potatoes and potatoes for processing. Within the recent years I have been involved in the projects: Precooked vacuum packed potatoes, Glycoalkaloids in potatoes, Agronomic factors controlling starch quality, Management of tuber size distributions, Black spot susceptibility of ware potatoes, Prepeeled fresh potatoes, Biochemical and physiological markers for quality management in potatoes aimed at processing.