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Ole Hørbye Jacobsen

Head of research unit

Agroecology and Environment
Research Centre Foulum
Blichers Allé
Postbox 50
DK-8830 Tjele

Tel: 89991761

[email protected]


Main research interest

Soil physics, soil hydrology, water and solute transport, macropore flow, finger flow, particle transport in the soil, particle facilitated transport of pesticides, TDR

Field of work

I characterise the soil physical properties with respect to water and solute transport. The work has mainly been done on projects concerning leaching of nitrate, phosphorus estrogens and pesticides. In this context it has been necessary to handle the huge variation in flow patterns in the field. On clayey and loamy soils we have been looking on macropore flow in cracks and rain worm burrows and on sandy soil preferential flow in fingers.

In connection with the investigations of leaching of adsorbing compounds like phosphorus and pesticides we have seen that the compounds can be transported attached to small particles that are leached through the large pores in the soil. I have participated in several projects looking at these processes.

I have also worked on development of new methods to determine the unsaturated hydraulic conductivity and the Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) methodology to measure soil water content.

Finally, I use quite some time as research leader of the Soil Physics and Chemistry Research Group