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Tramline Farming in Grass Production - TRAFIG



Research director:  Svend Christensen


The purpose of the project is to measure yield increase in grass and wheat in a cropping system with permanent tracks.

The goal for the 1st year is to measure the yield effect related to crop damage related to traffic intensity.

The goal for the 2nd year is the measure the yield effect related to soil loosening and traffic.


Department of Agricultural Engineering, University of Aarhus (Svend Christensen, Rasmus Jørgensen, Ole Green)


Controlled traffic farming (CTF) focus all heavy traffic to specific traffic lanes. CTF allows the crop to search a larger soil volume for water and nutrient without being affected by compacted areas in soil. Older trails have shown that the yield can be increased by up to 15 pct.

The primary experimental factor is different traffic intensities combined with mechanical loosening. In the first year the effect of the traffic intensity on the direct crop damage caused by traffic in the growth season is elucidated as seen e.g. by the manure application on a grass field. By driving at different times it will be possible to see how a response curve will develop in the succeeding harvests.


Dansk Landbrugsrådgivning, Landscentret.